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Timboon owner and distillery Josh Walker and head chef Simon Yarham. Pic supplied.

Timboon Expands Whisky Distillery Floor Space

Victoria’s Timboon Railway Shed Distillery has increased the floor space dedicated to its whisky production and visitor experience.

Part of the space currently dedicated to the site’s restaurant will now become a whisky lounge in site of the distillery, which will run continuously throughout the winter months.

Located in the distillery’s namesake in south west Victoria, Timboon was originally founded in 2007 as a distillery/restaurant. A quiet achiever in terms of industry recognition, the whiskies are now available nationally via a distribution deal with Nip Of Courage. Combined with a doubling in production in the last three years and Timboon are seeing an increased consumer interest in their products.

Current owner and distiller Josh Walker has been the main force behind increasing Timboon’s whisky focus said, “As a production venue we require additional space in house to manage our growing core business.

“With our whisky now being distributed national and exported into Asia, and with the growing popularity of spirit distilling in Australia, we need to change tracks and move away from primarily being a restaurant.”

The restaurant capacity has now been halved to 60 seats on the site’s deck to allow for the improved “distilling experience” for visitors. The space will be filled with sofas, high tables and a communal fire-side table in a room surrounded by casks of aging whisky.

“We are aiming for a distillery experience that offers a real ‘sense of place’ including food and whisky to inspire, share and replenish the traveller’s soul,” Walker said.

A new menu will also be launched Friday 27 April under the guidance of head chef Simon Yarham, which will take the form of a small contemporary menu with a focus on local produce.

Timboon currently offer a Port Expression, cask strength label Christie’s Cut and a cellar door-only release.