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Sullivans Cove DC100. Pic by Natalie Mendham.

Sullivans Cove Release 100th Double Cask For 25th Anniversary

Tasmania's world renowned Sullivans Cove distillery have released the 100th edition of their Double Cask expression as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations.

Founded in 1994, they are not only Australia's best known distillery, but also one of the oldest of the modern era. They have been particularly prominent since French Oak Cask HH525 won the World's Best Whisky at the 2014 World Whiskies Awards, an award competition they've experienced success in since. Although the formative years of the distillery are not remembered as ones of overt quality, the period since Patrick Maguire's involvement in 1999 - heavily influenced by consultant and sometime distiller Bill Lark - has been showered with praise and success.

With 2019 marking 25 years of operation for the label, they've released the 100th version of the Double Cask as an early marker.

Batch DC100 contains whisky from HH0121, HH0223, HH0318, HH0483, HH0357, HH0338, TD0271, TD0221, with the youngest whisky was filled 17 April 2008. It was decanted 10 January, 2019 at bottled at 47.4%. Presented in a wooden box, this is retailing through the distillery at $450.

Head Distiller Maguire said, "We're never satisfied to rest on our laurels around here, so we're always trying to innovate and lead in the Australian whisky industry. In 2017, we were the first Australian distillery to ever release a single malt aged in a white wine cask and one of the first distilleries to label our whiskies with 'tawny' instead of 'port' in line with the modern Australian fortified wine naming convention.

"We've recently laid down two full-sized casks of whisky coopered from Australian native hardwood, and this year we're also making a move away from any form of filtration, which will allow our whiskies to be enjoyed in their completely natural form."

Of the release Production Manager Heather Tillott said, “For this batch we've married several 18-year-old American oak ex-bourbon casks with two eleven-year-old French oak ex-tawny casks. The result is a whisky of incredible depth and texture due to the considerable age of the American oak casks, lifted by the bright sweetness of the French oak. This unique whisky is a piece of Sullivans Cove history never to be repeated.”

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Lots of banana cream pie, baked peaches, dried apple and ripe pineapples,  along with vanilla bean, bay leaf, sweet malt, fine leather and an elegant floral note.

Palate: Rich, sweet fruit fills the palate. Toffee apples, candied citrus peel and ripe plums mingle with the honey-driven mid palate, while dark chocolate and beeswax bring an earthy element to the mix, as well a touch of bright eucalyptus and mint. Beautiful smooth texture.

Finish: The bright tropical fruits are followed by the earthier notes of malt grain, cocoa, mixed nuts and vanilla. A luscious, mouth-coating texture drives the finish on to Nana's scones fresh from the over with jam and thick cream.