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1. very enthusiastic or passionate.
"an ardent supporter of the whisky cause"

2. burning; glowing.
"the ardent flames"

ardent spirits


1. strong alcoholic liquors made by distillation, as brandy, whisey, or gin.
“in alchemy, are those liquors obtained after repeated distillations... They are thus called because they will take fire and burn.”

Founded in 2017 and launched in 2018, WhiskyArdent.com.au is an Australian whisky news and magazine website covering not only the local whisky scene, but global whisky matters through Aussie-tinted glasses.

Completely independent, everything we cover is based on its own editorial (and flavour) merit.

Ardent Spirits Co. was founded by Yvette Myhill and Scott Fitzsimons - the founders of Dram Club. A whisky company formed to host the sort of whisky events they wanted to go to (that is, without dress codes or pretentiousness and usually with a Resch’s in hand), Dram Club ran three years of sold out events at bars and pubs around Sydney.

With a team of contributors that includes some of Australia’s best known and most respected whisky experts and identities, Whisky Ardent raises a glass to providing a solid, stable voice to the Australian whisky industry and everything that impacts it.

Let’s drink to that.