Adelphi Unveil New Technology To Fight Fake Whisky's Andrew Lyall and Adelphi's Alex Bruce. Supplied.

Independent bottler Adelphi have announced a Bitcoin-inspired partnership with a British technology company which is being touted as a “world first” strategy to combat fakes.

Adelphi, owners of the fledgling Ardnamurchan Distillery, have teamed up with to implement blockchain technology, originally developed for digital currency Bitcoin, across their bottles.

As Scotland’s Herald reports, in real terms it will allow whisky drinkers to trace the history of their whisky from where the strain of barley was grown to the wood used to mature it via a QR scan code on the back of each bottle. It is hoped that by making each bottle traceable it will also prevent consumers falling victim to fakes.

Alex Bruce, Adelphi’s Managing Director, owner of 2013-founded Ardnamurchan and regular Australian visitor said, “By simply scanning a bottle on their phone, customers will be able to find out unrivalled detail about their spirit.

“Every detail of each bottle’s story will be recorded, from when it was made to where it was exported. Story-telling and authenticity are major components of the Scotch whisky industry. By pioneering this technology, Adelphi is both advancing and uniting these vital ingredients.”

Ardnamurchan Distillery

Belfast-headquartered have individually marked each bottle of Ardnamurchan’s next progress spirit release, so each will be accountable and trackable.

Whisky fakes are an ever-present concern for the industry and the matter has caused headlines again recently.

Blockchain information is a type of data encryption that allows information to be distributed, but not changed.

The blockchain information is ‘shared’ across a number of locations, rather than one central location. In theory, the information keeps checking itself against the other versions held on the internet and so is less susceptible to hacking or misinformation at a central source.

It is believed that using such a secure method of information will take a big step ahead stopping fakes of Ardnamurchan moving forward.

Distributed in Australia by Baranow’s Emporium, Ardnamurchan’s first progress report spirit release 2016 AD sold out immediately upon its release earlier this year. The next edition 2017 AD, complete with Blockchain technology, is due for release in October 2017 in the UK, so it will likely appear early 2018 in Australia.

Bruce has visited Australia annually in recent years to host tastings for the Adelphi expressions.

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