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Archie Rose Reveal Ironbark Smoked Whisky

Sydney’s Archie Rose distillery have announced an Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky, the second under their Concepts label of releases.

The first was the distillery’s first ever whisky release, a Chocolate Rye Malt in June, which was followed by their core line Rye Malt in August.

The Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt has been created using the same technique head distiller Dave Withers used to create a previous smoked gin. Ironbark is used to melt huge blocks of ice in the wood-fired oven at the nearby Three Blue Ducks restaurant, which are used to cut the whisky. This has been bottled at 40%, lower than the distillery would usually cut to, to highlight the smoke.

Despite the relatively low ABV, the whisky has not been flocked or filtered so it carries a natural haze and remnants or Ironbark char.

“The release of this cloudy, and historically considered “faulty” spirit aims to start the conversation about the role, type and extent of filtration in whisky production, and how it can be used to both add to and detract from a finished spirit and drinking experience,” Archie Rose said in their announcement.

The whisky is retailing for $149, direct from the distillery.

The distillery’s own tasting notes:

Nose: The aroma is immediately coastal with sea spray and surf. A second pass reveals smoked bacon wrapped in campfire cooked damper drizzled in maple syrup. With time the aroma of vanilla eclairs and brandy cream emerge. A charcuterie board of cured meats sit in the background.

Palate: Salted toffee with dark chocolate shavings and ginger snap biscuits. Spiced maple syrup and more charred damper. A faint touch of rose.

Finish: Smouldering smoke and cinders from a wood fire.

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