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Boutique-y Whisky Announce Eight Australian Bottlings

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Australian Series. Pic supplied.

Prolific independent bottler That Boutique-y Whisky Company have unveiled eight upcoming expressions from Australian distilleries which will be released globally in April.

The result of a scouting and cask-sourcing trip in 2019, distilleries include Black GateBelgroveTin Shed (Iniquity), FleurieuKillaraRiverbourneStarward and Bakery Hill. It is not the first time Boutique-y have bottled Australian whisky, having already released two Overeem batches, but it the first time they’ve released a series from down under.

“We are so proud, and feel so lucky, that Boutique-y has the respect of peers and pioneers across the whisky world,” said Sam Simmons, Head Of Whisky at parent company Atom Brands, “that we’ve fostered relationships with the flavour makers behind each malt and rye whisky in this Australia Series to be able to put together a range like this.”

As with all of their releases, labels have been designed by artist Emily Chappell and reference unique elements or ‘in-jokes’ from each distillery.

Belgrove’s Peter Bignell said, “The label is great fun and informative, and I love the ABV they have cut this bottling to. It has
highlighted a sweetness which has balanced the typical spicy notes of Belgrove Rye.”

See a gallery of the labels here!

Boutique-y releases are not typically single cask or cask strength, often casks will be vatted and releases cut to the bottlers’ optimum drinking strength.

The whiskies will be released globally 23 April and while a large percentage of the outturns will be available locally, it will also be the first foray into international markets for many of the distilleries.

They will be available through independent bottle and whisky specialist stores in Australia. They are distributed by Proof & Company.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Australian Series

Black Gate 3-Year-Old Single Malt: $255 (Anticipated retail price)
Belgrove 4-Year-Old Rye: $299
Tin Shed 3-Year-Old Single Malt: $215
Fleurieu 3-Year-Old Single Malt: $190
Killara 2-Year-Old Single Malt: $375
Riverbourne 3-Year-Old Single Malt: $239
Starward 3-Year-Old Single Malt: $179
Bakery Hill 5-Year-Old Single Malt: $299

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