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Dave Broom On Whisky Roundtable: ‘Whisky Is Culture’

Dave Broom. Pic supplied.

Renowned whisky author, producer and presented Dave Broom was the most recent guest on the Whisky Roundtable podcast, presented by Whisky Ardent.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Broom touched on holding the whisky community together when the world is connecting via virtual means.

“We’re still stuck in this ‘business meeting’ thing,” Broom said of the video conferencing revolution.

“What we need is to start using this medium in a creative way, making it like short films or TV… I’m looking forward to the creative possibilities.”

He added, “Whisky is a social drink. It’s part of our culture and you can’t remove it from culture. It’s always going to be part of people’s lives and because it’s part of people’s lives it’s going to be influenced by massive historical movements or environment or economics.

“As soon as you begin to remove it, cut it off and look at in a boring way: ‘It’s just this liquid in a glass, it’s just the mechanics that take place in a distillery,’ then you’re missing 90 percent of whisky’s story.”

He said that one of the main challenges during a series of lockdowns was finding creativity when regular sources had dried up.

“I find it really hard to write. Because I used to travel so much and go to shows and meet people, a lot of the writing – the shorter form magazine columns – were generated by conversations out in the real world, what I’d learned in a market or at a show.

“Suddenly having that cut off, that external stimulus that helped fuel creativity – that was cut off. So I’ve had to adapt to that and it’s not been easy, to be perfectly honest. Financially it’s not been easy, emotionally it’s not been easy.”

Broom added, “It’s about community and community has been really good at holding things together. I think platforms like this will continue, because it’s a new way for the community to feel a certain coherence – but by God to we miss physical contact.”

Whisky Roundtable panelist Scott Fitzsimons is the editor of Whisky Ardent which is also a sponsor of the podcast. 

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