Iniquity Invite Fans To Create Their Next Whisky

Adelaide’s Tin Shed distillery – home of the Iniquity series – are inviting members of the public to help design their next release during a blending session next month.

The Den is the distillery’s free-to-join email list and they’ve been invited to buy tickets to the tasting and blending session, to be held Tuesday 23 July at the distillery’s South Australian address. Limited to 30 people, ten teams of three people will vat a single malt whisky from six 100ml samples from casks around the distillery in 90 minutes.

The team who are judged to have created the best whisky will see their creation release as Batch 17, an official release from Iniquity with the creators’ names on the bottle.

Win or lose, each team will take home the 600ml samples.

Further details on the event can be found here.

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