New Scotch Distillery To Open Near Skye

A new Scotch distillery located on the small island of Raasay, near the Isle Of Skye, has confirmed its plans to open September 2017.

The Isle Of Raasay distillery will be the first legal distillery ever placed on the island, which at just 14 miles in length is off the east coast of the Isle Of Skye. Located between that home of the Talisker and Torabhaig (since Jan 2017) distilleries and the Scottish mainland, Raasay has a population of just 120.

Approval was originally given for the distillery in February 2016 and owners R&B Distillers have since converted a Victorian villa hotel into the distillery. It is hoped that the operation – which plans to include accommodation and a members club – will provide employment for up to 10 percent of the island.

Raasay-born Norman Gillies will be the distillery’s first General Manager with Iain Robertson relocating from the mainland to be the island’s first Distiller.

The latest news from R&B indicates they plan to push ahead with an opening this month.

Co founder Alasdair Day said of the distillery, “It is the location; an island off an island with complex geology, water and island climate with probably the best views form any distillery in Scotland.”

The distillery is equipped with two copper pot stills sourced from Tuscany, the spirit still has a capacity of 3,600 litres and the wash still 5,000. They plan to have a 90 hour fermentation in a 5,000 washback. With a capacity of up to 94,000 litres per annum everything will be matured on site.

R&B Distillers have already released a single malt called ‘Raasay While We Wait’, sourced from an undisclosed distillery, to introduce the name to market.

R&B stands for Raasay and Borders and the company also has plans for a second distillery at Borders in the Scottish lowlands.

Raasay is part of a boom of new Scottish distilleries, with a swathe of new operations including Dornoch, Lindores Abbey and Clydeside all slated to open this year.

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