Songs To Drink Whisky To

Songs To Drink Whisky To: Felice Brothers’ Whiskey In My Whiskey

An American band that were genuinely blurring the lines between folk and country when everyone else from Brooklyn was trying to do the same, The Felice Brothers were the real deal.

“I put some whiskey into my whiskey/I put some heartbreak into my heart.”

While others were chasing genres, the New York group waited for trends to come to them. It was a bit of a perfect storm in 2008 when folk was ‘in’ and the band released their eponymous fifth album, their first on a major label.

It’s a record littered with understated would-be classics, but track 12 sticks out in this case – Whiskey In My Whiskey. A rousing chorus, a sobering narrative. You start this song standing up and end it sitting down.

Whisky Pairing:

American group, American spelling of whiskey, an actual name drop of Uncle Jack. But this needs something smouldering and atmospheric. Maybe a peated Scotch from the mainland – smoke and earth and sweet malt.

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