Starward Release Two Smoked Specialty Malt Whiskies

Cherry Wood and Mesquite Smoked Malts. Supplied.

Port Melbourne’s Starward have today released two limited run expressions from their ‘Small Batch’ white-label series, whiskies distilled from cherry wood-smoked and mesquite-smoked malt.

Cherry wood and mesquite, the latter a plant part of the wattle family, are often used to smoke meats. In whiskey, American brand Woodford Reserve have previously released a bourbon with a proportion of cherry wood smoked malt in the mash bill as part of their Master’s Collection.

These white label releases have been announced today and are available through the distillery website, with a limited of one bottle per person. There are 300 bottles of the cherry wood and 660 bottles of the mesquite only, with both retailing for $119.

“Small Batch is home to our one-off releases, where our distillers have sourced specialty ingredients, unique barrels or are trialling something very new,” Starward said.

Official tasting notes:

Cherry Wood Smoked Malt:

“A subtle smoke aroma, to begin with, balanced by tropical fruits; a tango on the nose. The cherry wood smoke is understated on the palate allowing the stone fruit characters to shine. All integrating and mixing well, creating a textual palate which moves from dry through to sweet.”

Mesquite Smoked Malt:

“Distinctive mesquite smoke aromas are balanced by citrus fruits on the nose. This whisky offers this and more on the palate, with abundant orchard fruit characters up front followed by the intensity of the smoke. Balancing the dry and sweetness, this is a Starward whisky not to miss.”

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