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Sullivans Cove Release 11-Year-Old Double Cask #103

Sullivans Cove Double Cask #103

Sullivans Cove’s latest Double Cask release has been released today, made up of 11-year-old American oak and 13-year-old French oak casks.

Similar to DC102 – also an 11-year-old – this is the first release of Double Cask in the distillery’s revamped presentation boxes. It has been offered today through the distillery’s website at $220. It sits at a flat 45% ABV.

Production Manager Heather Tillot said, “You can tell this whisky started its life in a field of Tasmanian barley with a powerful grain character defining this magnificent beast, best enjoyed cradled in the warmth of your hands.”

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Toasted malt, bakery and other grain notes dominate. With the warmth of the hand comes beautifully creamy, sweet and aromatic fruit like prunes, apricots, cherries and confection cream. Add some notes of roasted pineapple and you’re left with the impression of freshly baked fruit bread.

Palate: Beautiful waxy texture rolls around the mouth effortlessly. Flavours of plum, cherries, strawberries and cream lollies. There’s a strong element of orange in this one and all manner of warm fruity and sugary notes.

Finish: The creamy texture keeps on giving, as does that delicious fruity sweetness. Right at the end those initial grainy notes reappear and play their waxy song right on through the credits.

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