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Sullivans Cove Release Double Cask Batch 102

Sullivans Cove have released the latest edition of their Double Cask, available through the distillery directly.

The incredible demand for Sullivans Cove stocks in recent years has resulted the large majority of their expressions becoming available only through Cellar Door and website. Rarely are all three core lines – Double Cask, French Oak and American Oak – all available at the same time.

The current Batch DC102 is drawn from three French oak ex-tawny casks between ten and 11 years old and four American oak ex-bourbon casks between 11 and 13 years old.

Production manager Heather Tillott says of the release, “This whisky is quietly confident, like a gentle leader. The characteristic citrus-honey Sullivans Cove note is strong with this one, and the bees have been busy here, too.”

Full tasting notes from the distillery:

Nose: Grain forward notes of baking rye bread with walnuts, woodworking shed, coconut and a hint of cocoa, followed by a big wave of honey, beeswax and orange cake.

Palate: Lots more honey, as well as a briny coastal note and canned peaches in syrup, a warm spice of almonds and oat biscuits bringing earthy balance. Very smooth.

Finish: More honey (we’re sensing a pattern here!), orange peel and a big wave of vanilla cream, then a hint of lingering tropical fruits.

Available through their webstore.

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